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Joni Make Viljami Kultainen ES Osa 810

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What is OSA

OSA or obstructive sleep apnea is boththe most common in the most troubling sleep related breathing disorder OSA a causes a person to stop breathingrepeatedly during sleep these nighttime pauses in breathingprevent restorative sleep and have farreaching consequences foroverall health and wellbeing when most people are asleep air flowsfreely through the upper airways into the lungs giving a stable level up oxygen in theblood stream

in individuals with OSA that tongue insoft tissue in the airway relax during slim is the tongue intissue partially obstruct the upper airway it causes loud snoring when the tongueand tissue totally obstruct the airway it causes an apnea and breathing stopsthe chest continues to move is the person tries to breath but the blockage prevents fresh air fromreaching the lungs the oxygen content in the blood goesdown

an apnea may last anywhere from 10 to 60seconds before the brain recognizes that there is a problem the brain briefly arouses the body fromsleep just enough to open the airway theperson with OSA can be observed snorting gasping and choking for breath as theairway opens in air flows back into the lungs after several breaths the oxygen level in the blood isrestored the individual falls back into

a deeper stage if sleep the tongue and soft tissue relax againin the airway becomes obstructed apnea episodes can happen hundreds oftimes in a single night the individual is most often not awareof their frequent arousal from sleep they wake up feeling exhausted andsleepdeprived even know they spent adequate time inbed sleeping.

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