Sleep Apnea Causes Hearing Loss

By | March 30, 2017

Jonathan Walsh

gt;gt; Hello, my name is Jonathan Walsh, I'm assistant professor in the division of Pediatric Otolaryngologywith subspecialty training in the care of pediatricotolaryngology patients. Within the large field ofpediatric otolaryngology I enjoy the full spectrumof ENT disorders. I take care of childrenwith both acute and chronic ear disease, sinus disease, allergies,

airway disorders and voice disorders, as well as more complicatedhead and neck masses. I chose this field becauseI enjoy taking care of the pediatric patient. I enjoy the more common problems in the uncommon child. And the very uncommonproblems that can occur in the common child.

My research focus iswithin advancing the field of robotics in thepediatric surgery patient. We have collaborationswith the undergraduate engineering departmentsto advance this field for both increasedprecision, higher quality, and better outcomes for our patients. When seeing a pediatricpatient in the office, it often requires bothindividualized care,

but also coordination withthe parents and family, and other caregivers involved, as well as the primary care physicians. To establish the best courseof action for disease, it often necessitatesindividualized family care in addition to what'sbest for the patient.

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