Sleep Apnea Treatment London

By | March 27, 2017

Freda talks about upper airway stimulation for sleep apnea

FREDA: It caused you to snore really loud,it disturbs everybody in your family, plus you wake up like you've never even been tosleep. It will affect you when you first get up in the morning and especially because youfeel so tired, and once you get to work it's just like, quot;Oh, get me a cup of coffee,quot; orsomething. You think that will help. I tried the mask, different types of mask, I triedthe half mask, I tried the fullfaced mask. They would I would put it on at night andit would last maybe five minutes, and then it would start leaking, making a lot of noiseso you didn't get no rest for the noise being so loud on them. I also bought differentthings trying to, you know, to stop the leakage

around your face and everything. Nothing didwork. The s had told me if I don't do something, I'm gonna have a stroke or heartattack out of it. It is that bad. I had it that bad. And, you know, after a while youget scared, it's really scary. At night, you wake up and you're fighting to breathe, andI mean I had even got up and ran outside, thinking, you know, trying to get air andthings. And I've been into, like, probably six or eight different sleeping tests, andthey tell me how bad I would scare the nurses at night. I was willing to try anything. Chu, when I came to him, he said, quot;I think I can help you.quot; Chu told me I was a goodcandidate for this type of surgery, for the

pacemaker, because of the way I could not usethe mask. Also, I had a chronic cough just as soon as I put the mask on, I would startcoughing also. And then you gotta take it off. But with the pacemaker, you don't haveto do nothing like that. It is just so awesome. If a person has dealt as many years as I dealtwith this, it really makes a gigantic difference. It's just hard to believe what, what can happenout of this in a very short time. The first day I had it, when I woke up I thought, man,I just felt so much energy, cause I always woke up kind of kind of dopey like youknow, before, but this, when you wake up, you're clear headed. It is really differentfeeling. I have got response from the people

in my house, that stays in my house, causeI snored so loud before they couldn't stand it. They would say, quot;Get in there, go to bed,close your door. Please close your door,quot; cause I snored so loud. Now they do not hearme at all. At work, they say I seem more alert in the mornings when I come in. My boss saidit made a big difference. Since I went with a pacemaker, I mean I just rest. 15 minutesafter I turn it on I am out of it, I am just as peaceful as it could be. It is great. Thisis a dream come true, it's a miracle that they come up with something like this. I wouldsuggest this to everybody, and they'd be saying the same thing.

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