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By | June 6, 2018

Oral Pathology Treatment in Billings MT Mela Billings Oral Surgery Dental Implant Center

I'm Mela and I'm from Absarokee Montana.I had been having these mouth sores for a long time but Lyon said that they neededto be checked out by an oral surgeon. He sent me over to see Tracy. I got in that day.It was really great because he explained everything he was going to do. He explained the possibilitiesof what it could be and what it probably wasn't. I'm a nurse and sometimes s don'texplain things. So I was really pleased that he went through what he was going to do andeverything. It was kind of scary because I don't like needles and that sort of thingbut you know he explained everything and he was so gentle doing the injections and numbingeverything up. I didn't feel the biopsy.

I'm a home health nurse actually in theColumbus and still water area. If I have a home health patient or a friend that needsto come to an oral surgeon, I would definitely send them here.

Sleep disorder question Intro to Psychology

Xavier and his brother Benjamin always feel sleepy during the day. Xavier thinks he shouldn't feel so tire because he knows he sleeps during the night, unlike his brother Benjamin who never falls asleep or stays asleep. Xavier doesn't have trouble falling asleep but does, on occasion, feel that he comes in and out of sleep throughout the night. Benjamin told Xavier that his breathing sounded weird and inconsistent while he sleeps. What sleep disorders do you think the brothers haveé Xavier probably has whaté And Benjamin probably has whaté Here are some options. Narcolepsy, sleep apnea, night terrors, and


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