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By | May 31, 2017

Newingham on Sleep Apnea Newingham Dental Center Birmingham MI

Snoring and sleep apnea is a hot topic right now, a big area of research. It's growing. It's growing. I think we need to listen to what the research is telling us about how it's increasing our risk for heart attack and stroke, significant increases. So if you know a loved one that snores, usually we hear from the spouse, “You need to do something about my husband. He's snoring.� First and foremost we recommend that you see your physician and go get a sleep study done. You need a sleep study done to see if there is, if it's just snoring or if it's sleep apnea.

If it is sleep apnea what kind of sleep apnea is it. Is it a central mediated sleep apnea where there is something in your body in your brain that tells you to stop breathing, or is it an airway problemé We can help if it's an airway problem. The best possible treatment oftentimes for our patients and the most conservative is to use a CPAP machine. Compliance is a major issue with that CPAP machine so sometimes patients are looking for alternatives.

Maybe they're considering surgery. We have another conservative option that is maybe the second best thing to the CPAP machine and that's an oral appliance that repositions your jaw forward to open the airway. It's analogous to when you are getting CPR training and they tilt the head back and tilt the chin. It's the same thing. When you're trying to open the airway so that you can breathe so you don't have those events at night where you stop breathing. We've seen their sleep apnea events be cut in half. We've seen their sleep apnea events be cut by 80%.

We never see them cut by 100%. The CPAP machine is probably the only thing that can do that, depending on the severity of the sleep apnea problem, but we have an oral appliance that significantly reduces your risk.

Referring Dentist in Ann Arbor MI Love Michigan Oral Surgeons

I'm Robert Love III, also known as Bob Love, and I am at Love Family Dental in Adrian, Michigan. I refer to Michigan OralSurgeons because Drs. Fear, Hitchcock, and Lopez are very kind to my patients, and theyare also very concerned about their treatment. I refer implant procedures, complex extractions,and pathology consults. When I refer to the Michigan Oral Surgeons, it becomes a teamapproach because as soon as I send that referral, their staff is very quick in responding tomy patient's needs, scheduling the appointment, and also making sure that they have the rightimages and knowledge about my patient to make sure the treatment is done effectively. Whenmy patients return from my referrals, there

are three questions I ask them: I always askif the staff was kind to them, if the dentist was kind to them, and then also if they hadan enjoyable experience. And every time they come back from Michigan Oral Surgeons, thoseanswers are a resounding quot;Yes!quot;.

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