Sleep Disorders 1 Year Old

By | June 22, 2018

2 Month Old Sleep Problems CloudMom

Hi guys, I'm Melissa. Welcome back to Cloudmom.Answering a question today from Andrea0318, quot;Is it okay to swaddle nighttime and napséI'm having a hard time with naps with my 2 year old.quot; Great question, you're rightin my most favorite area of discussion, which is babies and breastfeeding and sleeping andnursing and how to take care of babies. And here's what I do with my babies and I hopeit's helpful. I treated naps like a minibedtime. I really did, in all ways, which meant thatI did swaddle my babies at 2 months old. And I had them in the crib. I had the blackoutshades. I had the whole kit and caboodle. Now, a lot of people don't agree with this.They think that for naps, you should have

the drapes open, and you should get the babyused to sleeping in the daylight. And this, I think, is actually very helpful if you travela lot or visit family members a lot. Or you're going to be out a lot, and you want your babyto be very flexible about when he or she sleeps. But I was home so much that I just decidedto use, you know, the advantages that I had. So I blacked out the room, and had a basic,like a mini, you know, bedtime for naps. So anyway, that's how I approached swaddling.I have a lot of tutorials about swaddling, about quot;arms inquot; swaddling, quot;arms outquot; swaddling.Why at a certain point you want to drop the swaddle when the baby starts to selfsoothe.And what worked for me, take, check those

out and I hope that they're helpful. Andanother comment about getting everybody to go to sleep: 2 months old, you're sayinghe's having a hard time with naps. Pick your baby up out of the crib, make sure yourbaby doesn't need to burp. Sometimes one little burp can be keeping that baby fromgoing to sleep. That aside see if your baby wants just a little bit more breast milk orbottle. I had times where five seconds worth of breast milk and they were done. And theywere gone, and they napped for two hours. It was amazing to me. It was like there wasa little teeny, teeny bit that the baby needed just to top off and feel good enough to goto sleep. And I couldn't believe that was

holding the baby back, but that's the wayit works. So make sure you're not looking at a diaper. Make sure there's no gas, theydon't just need to burp. And make sure they don't just need a wee, wee bit more withfood. Um, one other comment, and I did talk about my swaddling tutorials, you say your havingtrouble with the naps and the swaddle. Is the baby getting out of the swaddleé Lookat that whole thing and see where your baby is. Some babies are so active with their armsthat they're really fighting the swaddle, and you might decide to move to an quot;arms outquot;swaddle. That might be more helpful, and you might see that the baby's starting to finda finger, a thumb, which will help them sleep

better during the night. So anyway, hope allthis is helpful. Thank you so much for writing in to Cloudmom. I really appreciate it. Bestof luck with your beautiful, beautiful baby, and see you next time.

Bizarre Sleeping Disorders 5 Strange Sleeping Syndromes

When 15yearold Louisa Ball takesa nap, she doesn't mess around She sleeps for days, and no amount ofshaking or prodding can fully wake her up She has a rare condition called KleineLevinSyndrome or Sleeping Beauty Sickness The main cause or treatment is still unknown Sexsomnia or Sleep Sex, is a condition in which aperson will engage in sexual activities while asleep And it occurs when a part of the brainis a awake but the rest of it is asleep And it can be as minimum as touching orkissing, or as serious as full intercourse This disorder has many names, oneof them is freerunning disorder

People affected by this disorder havetheir internal body clocks messed up Meaning their body refuses to followthe standard 24hour cycle of the day Which results in them having a constant jetlag Narcoleptics tend to fall asleep directlyinto REM sleep, the strange thing is It can happen at any time, even whileengaging in normal everyday activities Sudden unexpected death syndromemight be the scariest sleep disorder It causes young, healthy people to go tosleep one night, and never wake up again They simply die

The condition affects primarilyyoung men in eastern Asia Wanna learn more about sleeping and dreamsé Please, check out my latest tutorial quot;Top 10 Facts Dreamsquot; And thank you, for watching.

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