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By | March 24, 2017

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how to treat insomnia naturally without medication.

How To Stop Night Terrors From Happening

How do you stop night terrors from happeningéAs a parent, it is a horrible experience to watch your child go through a night terror.A night terror occurs when your child wakes up suddenly and starts tantruming: crying,screaming, thrashing about but they are not actually awake. And you cannot seem to wakethem up. They are not responsive to you and if you try and intervene and try and helpthem, generally it results in something worse. The child gets more agitated, angrier, andmore fearful. So it is a pretty horrible experience and something that we do not really want ourkids to go through and something we do not want to go through as adults.Hey, I am Ryan from DreamyDad . I have

3 kids of my own and my son has night terrors.And I want to share with you how you can stop night terrors from happening because thereis a solution and there is a treatment for night terrors, to stop them.So we talked a little bit about the experience of night terrors. Let us have a look at whynight terrors happen so that we can intervene and we can stop them from happening.Night terrors, they do not actually know the exact cause of night terrors but what theydo know is that children who have night terrors often also have more periods of what is calledpartial awakenings during your sleep. You all have your sleep cycles, you go into thedeep REM sleep and you come out of it, but

also throughout that you also have these partialawakenings where you might roll over or pull up the blankets or you might not move at alland generally you wake up for just a couple of seconds and you do not remember it. Andso children who have night terrors have more of these partial awakenings and what tendsto happen and what they think causes these night terrors is the child will have one ofthese partial awakenings but part of their brain will wake up, the motor area of theirbrain the part that controls movement will wake up completely, but the part of theirbrain that receives input and that causes your child to be conscious does not wake up.So you have this experience where part of

their brain is awake but part of their brainis still asleep and this is what causes night terrors and why a child seems to be unresponsivebecause only part of their brain is awake. The part that receives input, that part canhear you and understand you, that is not awake. So how do we stop that from happening wherepart of the brain wakes up and part of the brain does notéWell, there are a couple of different solutions for it. For the most children, they will growout of it. So if you are really lazy, you can just wait until your child grows out ofit or if they are rally infrequent then you can just wait. But for some of us, childrenexperienced night terrors a couple of times

a week. For some people it is even a coupleof times a night. And so it is something that you are going to want to deal with.So there are two solutions to this problem and they both revolve around the same ideaof interrupting the sleep patterns of your child.So the recommended solution the one that I recommend, is a product called Lully. Itis a vibrating disc or vibrating pod. It is about this big and it goes under the mattressof your child. And what it does, in a certain part of the night, you activate the vibratingpod and it vibrates for 3 minutes or you stop it when your child starts moving or of theywake up or if they have a night terror themselves.

So basically it goes under their bed and youhave an app on your phone the Lully app that connects to the device. You input datainto this app like when your child goes to sleep, like when they fall asleep when theygo to bed and they fall asleep, and when the night terrors usually occur. And then theLully will give you a time to activate it. And so what you do is when it is time, whichis generally before the night terror will occur, you are going into your child's roomand you activate the Lully and you watch over them while it happens. So the Lully will gofor 3 minutes if your child does not move or if they move then you turn it off. Andwhat this does is it gives your child is it

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