Sleeping Help Muscle Growth

By | March 27, 2017

How Important is Sleep for Building Muscle

You go to the gym and do the most awesomebestest workout possible, meal prep all your bland broccoli and chicken breast, and takeall the overpriced supplements you found on a fitness Instagram, yet even though you seemto be doing everything right, your buddy, who started getting in shape about the sametime as you, is still getting better results. And he or she does the same workouts but hardlymeal preps while eating the occasional pizza and ice cream, and the only supplement he'staken is a protein shake he found on sale in the bargain bin. So how is this possibleé

Well, what you didn't realize is that yourfriend is doing better at the number one most important thing outside of exercising thanyou are. While you're bingewatching on the new hotTV series, or playing your favorite tutorialgame for hours, or even just staying up doing…whatever you might be doing on the internet, your buddy is hard at work… sleeping. If you're the nocturnal type that gets hardlyany sleep with the occasional 8 hour sleep, chances are you're holding yourself backfrom getting the best results possible. We already know how important sleep is justfor the sake of survival, after all, all animals

have to sleep some time. When it comes to increasing your gains, sleepingis pretty darn important. Let's start off with the most obvious effectof not sleeping enough, and that's the negative impact on performance. If you ever go to the gym feeling tired andsleepy, chances are you won't be doing half as much work as you normally would. Studies on sleep found that subjects chronicallylacking sleep had significantly slower reaction times on the psychomotor vigilance test.

Slower alertness means both lower mental andmotor capacity. Plus, studies found sleep deprivation increasesthe amount of mistakes people make, leading to a possible increase in injuries. And we all know, if you're hurt, you ain'tworking out to begin with. As far as actual performance, sleep deprivationdoesn't really affect your peak capabilities, meaning you still can push heavy weights orperform at a high intensity, but. you'll get tired quicker. Researchers believe this is because when sleepdeprived, people tend to have trouble metabolizing

glucose. Since glucose is important for energy, notbeing able to break glucose down means your energy levels will be breaking down instead. Outside of performance, sleep plays the evercrucial role of balancing hormones. When we sleep, your body releases high amountsof anabolic hormones such as testosterone and IGF1. You've probably heard of testosterone beforeand its close relationship with building muscle. When sleep is disrupted, however, especiallywhen disrupting the first cycle of REM sleep,

the release of these everimportant hormonestake much longer. This can disrupt the body's ability to repairand build muscle during sleep, and even worse, a study found that subjects suffering fromsleep apnea had lower levels of overall testosterone. A combination that for sure will reduce yourgainz. And the effect on hormones doesn't stopthere. One thing that sleep is also good for is bringingdown the levels of musclequot;breakingquot; hormones, aka catabolism. Cortisol, the main culprit of these hormones,remain elevated whenever you don't get a good

Bodybuilding Sleep How Much Sleep For Muscle Growth

Hey, what's up guysé Sean Nalewanyj, of EliteImpactLabs ,with another Muscle in Minutes QA, where I answer your bodybuilding and fitness questionsin two minutes or less. So, today's question is on the issue of proper sleep. So, how importantis a proper sleep when it comes to building muscle and burning faté And how much sleepshould you be aiming for each night in order to maximize your resultsé So, a proper sleepis obviously a very important thing not just for bodybuilding purposes, but for overallhealth as well. It's going to keep your mood and energy levels maximized. It's going toimprove your cognitive function, so your concentration, your motivation. In terms of bodybuilding,there's a lot of specific benefits as well.

A proper sleep is going to optimize testosteronelevels. It's going to optimize growth hormone output, as well as improve insulin sensitivity,which will favorably affect nutrient partitioning. And in addition to that, the more energy youhave, the stronger you are in the gym. The better your workouts are going to be. Themore focus you're going to be. And the better results you're going to get from that as well.So, how much sleep should you be getting each nighté Well, most people tend to go with thestandard recommendation of eight hours of sleep per night. In reality it really is goingto be a highly individual thing. And it's going to vary a lot from person to person.Some people can get by on as little as four

or five hours of sleep per night, while somepeople need more than that, may be 8, 9, even 10 hours per night. So, I wouldn't say thatthere's a single set amount that you needed to shoot for each night. It's going to vary.It's going to depend on you as an individual. So, all I would say on this question is getas much sleep as you need each night in order to make sure that you are feeling rested,energetic, strong and focused throughout the day. The human body is a very intricate complexmachine. And if you're not getting enough sleep each night, you're going to know aboutit. So, I really think that each individual person can really answer this question forthemselves. You probably already know the

answer for yourself. So, you know, if you'regetting six hours of sleep each night, and you feel fully rested and good to go, youknow, I wouldn't say, quot;Oh, well, you need to go sleep an extra two hours to hit that that specific eighthour mark.quot; Just get as much sleep as you need as an individualto function optimally throughout the day. So, that is that question answered. I hopeyou found this information useful today. If you did enjoy the tutorial, as always, pleasemake sure to hit the like button, leave a comment and subscribe to stay up to date onfeatured tutorials. Also make sure to grab your free 28day mass building plan, using thelink in the description box. That includes

a free workout plan, meal plan and supplementguide. And make sure to join the Elite Impact Lab's Facebook page for daily tutorials, articles,tips and muscle building supplement giveaways. Thanks again, for watching this tutorial. AndI'll talk to you again soon with more free bodybuilding tips.

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