Sleepless Rainy Night Jay Park

By | September 3, 2018

ENG jay park music and lyrics ep 2 PART1flv

last week they first metJB: we have to make a song for a new rookie group please write us a good song you are squid and i am peanut we are best friend from now on they become closer while working at the mission what is thisé butyou cannot come with this to me SY: we will work harderafter the first revision we will see what these two people think

let's throw this away let's rip it let's do it again i was worried casue i tought she was losing her confidence how was it with our song é with this person é the track we chose. it seemed like he didn't like it the lyrics.

we can throw them away. i will mathc the lyrics with the music we will start again and make something nice out of it i felt sorry we have to make it again. we will think about it again and pay attention and we will give you a nive song thank you

1,2,3 Fighting ! i am really worried. i was really hungry but now my hunger dissapeared. eyy. let's go out let's go drink what are you doing é what can i do to release her stress and give her strength. i really tought about that

cute hip hop Ok i like it but if you do hip hop you always have to follow a flow é and ride the rythmé when you walk you walk with rythm and when you eat too. i really don't put alot of energy in my body so i move like this so squid is a really good nickname for you squid and peanut best friends

thank you when you are stressed,,, fried chicken and beer chicken and beer ~~~you have to say it with rythm when you get stresses ~ chicken en beer ~ because we got in trouble. taht person is way to scray i will teach you a different way they say it is ok in another dialest

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