Snoring Mouthpiece Guide

By | March 29, 2017

How to use the new Snoreeze Oral Device stepbystep guide to moulding and fitting your mouthpiece

Please watch this tutorial, and familiarise yourself with the instructions before attempting to mould your Snoreeze Oral Device. Before moulding your Snoreeze Oral Device, make sure you have everything needed for the fitting process. In the Snoreeze Oral Device box there should be an Oral Device case, with your new Oral Device inside and an instruction leaflet. You will also need a mug (or deep cup), a kettle or pan to boil water in, a mirror, a timer, and access to a cold water tap. We recommend running your Oral Device under cold water before starting the moulding process. Turn the screws on either side of the Oral Device clockwise, until they are fully screwed in. It's important not to screw them too tightly or you will struggle to adjust your Oral Device later on.

Make sure the screws lie flat, in line with the strap and adjustment block like this. Fold the Oral Device so that the adjustment blocks and coloured screws are on the inside, in between the top and bottom tray. Making sure you have the Oral Device the right way up, practise putting it in your mouth and removing it until you are used to it. You can look in a mirror to help you place the Oral Device centrally on your teeth. The bottom tray of the Oral Device is the one with the adjustment blocks and spacers on. Now that you have everything ready, it's time to mould your Snoreeze Oral Device.

Clip your Oral Device onto the hooks on the blue part of the case. Boil some water. Carefully pour the boiling water into a mug, filling it almost to the top. Wait 10 seconds for the water to cool slightly, to prevent damaging your Oral Device. Place the blue part of the case on top of the mug, so that the Oral Device hangs down into the water. Wait 15 seconds for the Oral Device to soften in the boiling water. Lift the case along with the attached Oral Device off the mug, and gently shake off any excess water.

Take the Oral Device off the hooks, and place it into your mouth. You can use a mirror to check that the Oral Device is in the correct position. Bite down gently on the Oral Device for 30 seconds, allowing the soft plastic to mould to your teeth. Using your fingers to press the Oral Device against your teeth can help to get a better fit. Some of the mouldable white plastic may spill out of the tray, don't worry about this, it can be trimmed after the moulding process is complete. Remove the Oral Device from your mouth, and place it under cold, running water for 30 seconds to set the moulding.

Place the Oral Device in your mouth and check that it fits securely, and sits centrally on your teeth. It's important to remember that the moulding process can be repeated up to 3 times if you are not satisfied with the result of your moulding. Once you are happy with the fit of your Oral Device, you can use nail scissors to remove any white plastic that has spilled out of the tray. Wear your Oral Device in this position, with the screws fully turned in, for the first few nights. If your snoring or sleep apnoea problem is reduced, you can continue to wear your Device in this position. If your snoring or sleep apnoea problem still persists, you need to move on to the next section of this tutorial and learn how to adjust your Oral Device.

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