Snoring Noise Cancellation

By | March 26, 2017

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Subscribe to the future is now Gadgets HD what kind of a snorer are youé introducing the silent partner theworld's first smart patch to quiet snoring noise. Silent partner is a smartand lightweight and compact device that elegantly tackles what other productsdon't the snoring noise the silent partner creates a silent zone around theperson wearing it giving you and those around a better night's sleep how does it worké silent partner usespatented active noise cancellation that

takes the unwanted snoring sound andgenerates a counter sound which suppresses it the result well it's as simple as a plus and minusthey cancel each other out many of us have probably being therebeing around creating a symphony of story noises that create frustratingnight for us and our partners most boring products today don't fully solvedsnoring problem they are often intrusive and distract the quality of sleep soinstead of tackling the slowing we decided to simply find a solution forthe noise using vast experience with ANC

technology and sleeping experts thesilent partner was designed and developed to be effective from as closeas 20 centimeters away place silent partner over your nose and gently adhereto your face the hypoallergenic adhesive will secure the device in placecomfortably while you sleep be one of the first to experience silent partnerand finally give you and your partner of real silent night hello my name is Kathy I'm anentrepreneur professional writer and activist friend mother and longboardwriter and here to celebrate the day

when technology caught up with my dreamsto make the world a safer place for everyone in two thousand i was attackedby complete stranger to cut my throat open my stomach three times into myheart area it happened in a safe neighborhood inthe light of day 200 feet from the police station I thought for life with what they had 24nail but what actually saved me was the call for help 16 years ago I had few options so i usemy voice I was extremely lucky

help came to me in life and being a lotis all the difference seems that they have been thinkinganything could have kept me away from that experience on the median smart andsave lives and give a warm feeling that's you and your loved ones are safeand sound at long last there is one this is named the ring withthe pending button to send an alert to friends people nearby police and privatesecurity services with just a touch of come when an emergency is simply pushthe button message with your map coordinates immediately reaches yoursafety circles

name helps you feel safe in anysituation of suspicion threat or direct danger give it to your loved ones andyou will always know when they need to help is there in emergencies includingfires floods robbery and attacks sexual assault or health problems Irene it's the fastest and safest way tostanding with the ring you can send the signalwithout no one uses that it don't need to dig around for the deviceand that

How why do we snore James May QA Ep 38 Head Squeeze

How and why do we snoreé The main reason wesnore of course is to attract a mate and then to ensure that that mate is incapable of sleepinglong enough to contemplate running off with anybody else. The good news is that snoring like belchingor blowing your trousers off with a massive guff of arsewind is perfectly natural andthat most of us, if not all of us will do it sometime or another. Snoring is caused by vibration in our airpassageways, as we sleep and as we relax. Basically, it's an unconscious version ofthe same noise we make to express mild derision,

or to imitate a pig. The bad news for anyone trying to sleep nextto a snorer, is that it's one of the loudest noises a human being can make. Noise levelsof up to ninetytwo decibels have been recorded, which means if your actually trying to sharea bedroom with a snorer, you might as well doss down next to a chainsaw. The physiology of snoring is simple enough.We snore when our air passages are slightly blocked, nose or the throat, which causesvibration in the soft palate and the ovular, is that dangly soft bit at the back of yourthroat. The bit that's usually misidentified

as the tonsils. This obstruction can be caused simply by sleepingat the wrong angle, lying on your back for example makes you far more likely to snoreand it can also be caused by taking too many relaxants, which is a very very polite 'y'way of saying going to bed drunk. Another common cause is fatty deposits aroundthe throat, which is why one of the common cures for snoring is to do some exercise andlose some weight. But, it can also be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnoea, which is whenyour body struggles to breathe while you're asleep.

Snoring is something we tend to do, as weget older. Not many children snore. But a study of elderly Italians showed that overthe age of sixty, forty per cent of women and sixty per cent of men snore. Which isnot very 'va bene'. Snoring isn't good for us. Loud snorers havean increased risk of stroke and heart attack. But fortunately, for us and for those whohave to sleep next to us. There are many ways to combat it. To stop snoring we have to reverse the process.Basically unblock the air passageways and the most drastic way in achieving this isthrough surgery. With the rather terrifyingly

named, wait for it, uvulopalatopharyngoplastyprocess, which basically involves, trimming excess fat out of the throat. Less drastic solutions include none surgicalimplants, which suggest hold the airwaves open or even braces to hold your teeth andyour tongue in the right position and even in the cases of severe apnea sufferers, apositive flow of pressurized air, to make sure you breathe. Or there are those little plaster things youwear on your nose. But they make you look a prat.

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