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By | November 12, 2018

15 Most Horrifying Rare Diseases

From terrifying rare diseases caused by nastyparasites to scary psychological conditions that can kill you, here are 15 of the mosthorrifying rare diseases that you don't want to have. Number 15. Elephantiasis. This is one of those classicterrifying diseases, which causes massive thickening of the skin and underlying tissue,usually effecting the legs and male genitalia. Yes, your scrotum can swell to the size ofa basketball. Like so much wrong with the world, it's caused by a worm, its symbioticbacteria and a mosquito. That's right, those flying little bastards can give you the parasitethat'll permanently destroy the lower half

of your body. Thankfully, this is one of thosehorrible diseases that we're actually beating, and it's predicted to be eradicated by 2020. Number 14. Trimethylaminuria. You have to feel sorryfor the sufferers of this condition, also called fish odor syndrome. It's exactly whatit sounds like. A permanent pathological scent of rotting fish clings to your body. It'sactually linked to your metabolism, which interferes with the body's ability to breakdown trimethylamine, which builds up and is excreted through saliva, sweat and urine.It's incurable, recessive, and still around.

If you're a sufferer of this, I suppose youmight as well become a fishmonger and just blame it on the business. Number 13. Guinea Worm Disease. Also known as Dracunculiasis,is like one of those horrible stories that people tell you about travelling to thirdworld countries. First you swallow the baby worm from dirty water, at which point it happilychills out in your digestive tract for a year, before metamorphosing into something muchnastier. It then migrates to a limb and forms a large and incredibly painful blister. Anddo you know how they get it outé They fish

out one end with a small hook, and pull itout slowly over the course of days or weeks of agony. If you try and pull it out too fastit snaps, recoiling back into the body to live again. Number 12. Filarial Worm. This seriously horrible parasiteif what can cause Elephantiasis, but what makes this even worse is the simple fact thatit can live in your eye. Why would the universe create something as purely evil as a parasitethat lives in your bloody eyeballé Even worse, there are some leeches that can also latchonto your eyeball. But you know what's really

scary about the Filarial wormé It's so commonthat it's the second most common cause of blindness in the world. That means it happens to tons of people. My eyes are sore just thinking about it. Number 11. Cancrum Oris. Commonly called Noma, is gangreneof the face, and for some reason it seems to hit kids more often than adults. More than80% of those affected by the disease die, as it eats away at the tissue and musculaturearound their jaws. It's an opportunistic infection that likes to hop on board in situations wherepeople are malnourished, have unclean drinking water, poor dental hygiene, and live in closeproximity to farm animals. So pretty much

any third world country. What's even worse is that it's especially prevalent in the immunocompromised, like HIV+ kids growing up in southern Africa.The poor buggers! Number 10. Blaschko's Lines. It turns out we all haveBlaschko's Lines, but they're invisible under normal conditions, until they show up dueto a bunch of different disorders that can cause the pigmentation on your skin to change.The lines show up as a vshape on the back, an sshape on the foot, and weird wavy linesall over your head. They think the lines are formed from where the embryonic cells aretransported inutero, but the weirdest thing

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