What Is Sleeping While Awake

By | March 21, 2017

How To Stop Falling Asleep During MEDITATION How To STAY AWAKE While Meditating

How to Stay Awake while Meditating Staying awake while meditating can be trickyfor some. Getting into a comfortable position and clearing your mind is a good way to settledown to sleep and that's the problem for many people who meditate. If you strugglewith this problem, here are some ways to stay awake during meditation so that you can completeyour sessions without ending up in the land of nod. 1. Try not to get too comfortable. This maysound counterintuitive because you need to get into a comfortable position so that youcan relax and let go. However, the classic

lotus position has its merits when tryingto stay awake during meditation. By sitting upright, preferably without the need to leanon a chair or other comfy object, your body is preventing you from sleeping. This is becausethe moment you doze off, your body relaxes and your head falls backward or forward, automaticallywaking you up. Should you be laying back in a chair or bed, your slumber will continue. 2. Focus on your 'anchor'. This can be a shininglight in your head, your breathing or any other single thing you wish to visualize.Try to focus on this no matter what. It is true however that you can be asleep beforeyou know it, and your anchor has been forgotten

without you noticing but some find thistechnique useful. 3. Meditate for shorter periods of time. Ifyou are falling asleep after 15 minutes of meditation, keep your session to 15 minutesand set an alarm. You can build up your time as you go on. Two 10 minutes sessions perday are better than one session of snoozing. 4. Meditate when you are feeling energetic.If you are a night owl, meditate late. If you tire during the day, meditate in the morningbefore your day gets going. You can even do it in your lunch hour. You are far more likelyto fall asleep during meditating if you are tired or lethargic.

5. Meditate with others. The stimulus of anotherperson can help to keep you awake during meditation. You may not want to doze off in front of anotherperson in fact. 6. Approach meditation like a tiger readyto pounce. Meditation is supposed to help you deal with life in a more balanced andrelaxed way. It is not meant to relax you to sleep. Begin your cosmic journey with thebraced posture and focus of a wild cat, and energize yourself throughout your meditationexperience. 7. Drink a cup of coffee or tea perhaps. Ifall else fails, a strong cup of coffee or tea before meditation may help to keep youawake. Everything in moderation.

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